Post-referendum accord

Most people seem to realise that the tone of the EU referendum campaign has been harsh so far. This is why in both the 4 week course and the mini course I organised on the topic of the referendum, I included some guidelines on using dialogue rather than debate. And some commentary has just been unacceptable and conducted as though the Internet did not exist and that nobody else understands English.

And more than that, that the other side may have had a point (more than one actually). At the moment, it looks as though Remain will win. This does not mean that the Brexit side had no value. I learned a great deal from some of the more thoughtful contributors such as Pete North and there is certainly much work to be done to improve the workings of the EU, should the UK remain.

Thankfully, it seems that others are realising that Britons have to live together after June 23rd, whatever the outcome. There is also the beginnings of a positive plan in this article.

A good starting point would be the Balance of Competences series of reports commissioned by the coalition government in 2012-14, a great initiative not followed by many other EU member states.

The need for constructive dialogue does not stop after June 23rd!


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