The last chapter?

I had intended for the last post on this blog to be one about how the Remain and Leave sides could be reconciled after a Remain win as the anger on the Leave side was apparent from the beginning and would need to be addressed. And also because an MP was assassinated allegedly because of…

Wondering aloud

Somebody on Facebook took the trouble to explain their thinking on the EU referendum in the UK. If that person had been standing in front of me saying these things. How would I have responded? To create a dialogue, I mean. Here is how he started: Joe Average: On June 23rd, I am expected to…

Free pdf version

I have now collated all the posts and pages of this blog (apart from procedural ones) into a free PDF. I have attempted to arrange things in a logical order starting witht he pages and following up with the posts in chronological order. Get it here.

Who says so?

Can you guess which side these word clouds come from? One is from a prominent Remain website and the other is from a prominent Leave┬ásite. But which is which? Word Clouds show the most commonly used words in size order. So the biggest word is the one that is used the most and so on….