I am a British citizen living in Denmark who does not have a vote in the forthcoming UK referendum on whether to stay in the EU.

This is because I have been in Denmark more than 15 years after which I lost my right to vote in national elections anywhere.

I understand the political realities about why this is.

However, I believe that the result of the vote has the potential to affect me and my immediate family in a very negative way if the result is OUT.

I also believe that, setting aside personal preferences, those who vote OUT may not get what they bargained for. This makes me doubly frustrated as, not only will I, and the ca. two million other British expats around the EU lose out, but it will have been in vain.

Full disclosure: I wrote a textbook about the European Union a very long time ago. Now very out of date though the basics still hold good.

And yes I do work in European projects where, incidentally, we often provide feedback to the European Commission on the topic area we are working on.


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