The discussion around the UK’s contribution to the EU centres around:

  1. Forgetting that although the UK pays to the EU, the EU also pays a great deal back to the UK in concrete grants, loans and funding. This is before you take account of the increased trade generated by being in the EU.
  2. Forgetting that under most of the Brexit options such as Norway option or the Swiss option, if the UK wants to retain its access to the Single Market then it will have to pay a contribution though it will be less than as a full member.
  3. Forgetting that, if the UK chooses the most isolationist option, the so-called WTO option, then it will have to make good lost payments to farmers, the regions and so on and so it will not be true that the amount can all go to the NHS. It is unlikely that the current government would want to use any windfall money on the NHS anyway since it is committed to reducing the public sector.

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